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About Swag Daddy Inc.

Swag Daddy Introduction

Innovating The Promotional Industry

Welcome to Swag Daddy, where we take care of all your promotional needs!

We’re a Canadian marketing company that provides quality promotions to businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a simple coffee mug or something one-of-a-kind, we can deliver it for you.

Our customer service-focused mindset is what sets us apart from the competition. By investing in the latest digital technology, we’re able to offer a superior customer experience. With the use of efficient and advanced technologies in the process, we save your employees time and money.

We know that promo products are a great way to drive company exposure and accelerate growth, and we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your marketing goals!

“Delivering customized promotional products to create a lasting impression in your customer’s mind”

- Bradley, President

Our mission

Provide high-quality promotional products and excellent customer service to businesses of all sizes.

Our vision

Innovate promotional industry to reduce cost and increase efficiency using advanced technologies.

Our Values


We’re proud to support our military veterans by donating 5% of our profits to the Homes for Heroes Foundation.

Customer Service

All customers are not the same. We adapt to the customers' needs; they don’t adapt to ours.

Embrace Change

If change is needed to improve our customer’s experience or stay ahead of our competition, change is the only option.

swagdaddy.ca Promotional Products Company Design Team
Our process

Our working process

We work with your team from the design process to up until products are at your door, every step of the process. Here is an overview of the process we go through with each client.

swagdaddy.ca Promotional Products Work Process Consultation

Design & Product

Our initial consultation is designed to understand your marketing goals and products.

Estimate & Timeline

We provide a detailed estimate of requested products and timeline. 

swagdaddy.ca Promotional Products Work Process Estimate Timeline
swagdaddy.ca Promotional Products Work Process Production Delivery

Production & Delivery

We prepare a product sample for your approval. Once you approve it, we will get to the final production. Finally, we will deliver the final products to your door.